Phoenix are pleased to announce plans for a Sales Call event in London on 22nd and Thursday February 23rd 2017.

The inbound tour operator sector is responsible for bringing in over 35million visitors to the UK annually, generating a tourism revenue of £22bn. The great news for the Island of Ireland is that a further 10% of these visitors also visit Ireland, and these inbound operators play a vital part in ensuring Ireland is top of the agenda for their international clients.

The importance of the inbound operators in the UK and their role in global distribution of tourism product is vital to the continued success and growth of tourism to Ireland – with a target set of 10.6m visitors to the Island of Ireland for 2017 by Tourism Ireland, and a revenue target of €5.7bn, this is a very cost efficient and seamless way of ensuring you meet the key decision makers and key purchases in the inbound sector who contract Irish product and ensure it is passed through their internal sales and marketing funnels to reach a global audience.

Irish based suppliers should register their interest here by January 19th 2017.

London based UK inbound agents looking to host our guests for a sales call, should register their interest here, no later than January 19th 2017.